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How does it work?

A whole lot of batteries are combined to form a large battery system for energy storage. Scholt Energy Services manages the system's energy trading and monitoring. The strong growth in renewable energy will make electricity supply in the Netherlands more prone to fluctuations. Energy storage systems allow this energy to be stored for later use.

Energieopslag VDL Scholt Energy V-storage

Demand response

Strategic charging of the batteries (demand response) is becoming increasingly important. Demand response with the first V-Storage battery makes it possible to save on costs and generate additional revenue through energy trading. The V-Storage battery can also be used as balancing capacity to keep the electricity grid balanced in the event of large fluctuations in electricity supply and demand.

VDL Groep and Scholt Energy Control expect several V-Storage batteries to be installed in the course of time. Scholt Energy Services closely follows the developments in storage technology and is convincing more and more customers of this sustainable solution.

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